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Scion Trilogy Tour - Champions Choice Award

We were recently honored with the Champions Choice Award from the Scion Trilogy Tour at the OC Car and Truck Show! This award is judged by the past winners of the Scion Tuner Challenge and awarded by Aaron Vaccar of the Auto Life Tour. We were totally surprised by the award and what it means for a small start up company like Raceseng. We know that we are going against the grain as compared to the rest of the automotive aftermarket industry... But to be recognized for that in a manner like this is just awesome!


Along with the award, we had the chance to get to know Aaron Vaccar and Chris Basselgia. Aaron is the owner of the Auto Life Tour and Blood and Grease. We have seen him at several shows and finally had the opportunity to get to know each other. Chris Basselgia was the builder behind the renowned Minty FReSH FR-S.