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Raceseng X Speedhunters

The AC Delete project started months ago when Keith Charvonia from Speedhunters contacted Raceseng. I nearly fell over backwards when I received the email. Keith wanted to work with Raceseng on the Scion Tuner Challenge build for SEMA. One of the products he wanted to collaborate on was an AC Delete for the FR-S/BRZ. I immediately began laying out some designs in Solidworks using a billet aluminum base plate and bracket. About 16 hours later, the final design was born...


The next step in the process was to create the cnc program for the parts. We utilize MasterCAM to create our cnc toolpaths. The software imports our Solidworks model and uses the surfaces and geometry of the model to create tool paths.


The MasterCAM program is exported or our Haas VF2 machining center. The machine is then set-up with a variety of solid carbide cutters to machine the AC delete parts. Don't be fooled, this process does not happen in minutes. It takes hours if not days to go from a Solidworks model to a physical part you can hold in your hand.


The final AC Delete on their build was awesome to see. I wanted to integrate the Raceseng and Speedhunters logo, so I wrapped our logos down the back of the bracket.


The front face of the AC pulley has a nice detail where I simply integrated our logos into the front face of the pulley. 


Looking back on this experience, it was a big deal for Raceseng. I've always wanted to do a custom part for a SEMA build but the opportunity never came knocking!

Jarrett Seng | Owner