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R Lock - Now available for the STI

It has been entirely too long since our last blog post... In fact it is a bit embarrassing. We have been so busy trying to keep up with the design and manufacturing of our products that the blog has taken a back seat to other priorities. Well, it is time for a change!

The success of our reverse lockouts for the FR-S/BRZ led us to develop a similar product for the Subaru community! We are pleased to announce the release of the R Lock for the Subaru STI 04-15. The R Lock is a direct replacement for the factory reverse lockout with much needed style and function.

R Lock - Base + Handle

R Lock - Handle

The R Lock for the STI comes in two different styles: Base + Handle and just the Handle. What is the difference you may ask? Simple...

The Base + Handle, pictured on the left below comes in two separate pieces. Both of the parts function in and identical manner as the OEM reverse lockout. The base bolts to the flange located on the shifter arm and holds the shifter boot. The handle engages the reverse lockout cable and slides smoothly on the shifter arm.

The Handle is pictured on the right and does NOT include the base.


The reason we are offering both styles is because the Base + Handle combo will not work on the OEM Subaru short shifter. For some unknown reason, the OEM short shifter has the base built into the shifter arm. For these shifter arms, the handle will fit but NOT the base + handle. Other good news on the fitment front is that both of these products will fit the Kartboy and Cobb short shifters!



 When it comes to customizing your ride, you want it to match your personality. Color is one of the ways to express that! The R Locks come in 5 anodized color options, orange, red, blue, gunmetal and black. Our proprietary anodizing process produces a brilliant finish meant to pop in your interior!

The R Lock looks great in conjunction with our line of premium Subaru 6 speed manual shift knobs.